Security is the top most priority for the incoming Devotees and Zaireens. As a preventive measure Dargah Trust has installed CCTV network with IR & night vision cameras to monitor and control the entire Dargah and its surrounding centrally. Apart from this the Trust has appointed Gents & Ladies Security Guards to work in three shifts round the clock. These Guards are camped with Hand Metal Detector and Walky Talkies.

ADHOC-COMMITTEE (SECURITY) 2013-14 Adhoc-committee are responsible for looking into the activities related to Security of Darga Sherief premises.


Upkeep & Maintenance

It is said that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. The Dargah Trust has employed a team of workers who work in two shifts and are entrusted upon the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining cleanliness of the Dargah and the premises in and around it.