76_1Makhdumiya Health and Fitness Center

Makhdumiya Health and Fitness Center established in the year 2011, in this unit Trust has installed Hi-Tech and Cardiac equipments for Health and Fitness. These complete health facilities are being provided to the society through professional trainers and at most reasonable rates.

Makhdum Shah Baba Cardiac Ambulance Services

Makhdum Shah Baba Cardiac Ambulance Services is started in the year 2012. In this activity the Trust provides ambulance services (24 x7 basis) to society at reasonable rates. The ambulance is fully equipped with Hi-Tech Cardiac machine and full time doctor on attendance.

ADHOC-COMMITTEE (CHARITY BOX COUNTING) 2013-14 Charity collected in the donation boxes are counted by bank staff in presence of this committee. Committee organizes the process of counting, co-ordination with the bank staffs and volunteers.