(Reigious Affairs/ASTHANA)2012-2014

Religious Activities The PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST have formed various voluntary Adhoc-Committees to facilitate proper coordination between the Devotees/ Zaireens and the administrative body. Regular meetings are held between these Adhoc-Committee Members and the Trustees to evaluate and deliver best possible facilities and infrastructures to Devotees, Zaireens and the Society .Person desiring to become the member of any Adhoc-Committee (Honorary) may please send there profile at the trust office. Chief Convenor Mr. Shaikh Mohammed Aslam Hilaluddin Adhoc-Commitee looks after the activities related to Mahim Fair.

Quran Shareif Ziyarat, Eight Shab and Khidmat etc. Their responsibility is to see that the above mentioned religious activities relating to Dargah Sharief are conducted and executed in the best possible manner.
Annual Mahim Fair (Mela)
In honour of Hazarat Makhdum Fakih Ali Mahimi (R.A.). Past many years, Annual has been observed over a period of ten days in and around the month of December, Ten lakhs visitors attend the said fair. The highlight of the Mela is the arrival of a series of processions with old-fashioned lanterns and music (Duff), mostly on Thursday and Sunday, the leader of which stop to make their obeisance to the saint. On the first day itself, a crowd of 1,00,000 gathers to watch the very first procession.
Mumbai Police officers and the Constables are personally attached to Hazarat Makhdum Shah Mahimi. The Police Department, on the occasion of first day of Mela offers Sandal & Chadder to & shows their devotion in such a manner that it has set an example of its own. They express their gratitude attachment to such a great scholar and spiritual personality Hazarat Makhdum Fakih Ali Mahimi. The Pir Makhdum Saheb Charitable Trust offers Sandal & Chadder to Hazarat Makhdum Ali Mahimi followed by Punch Fukra Jamaat with Nagara and Nobat as per tradition, which indicate the beginning of Mela and rest follows after…

YEARLY 8th SHAB (URS) (Shab-e-Visal)

Auspicious anniversary day of. The anniversary is celebrated every year on eighth of Jamadil Akhir at night, in the Auspicious mausoleum. The sandal traditions are carried out by the Dargah Trust, the visits and the sittings, congregations of Milad Sharief, Qul Sharief and Quran Khawni are held. The court of the mausoleum (Asthana) is open throughout that night. Every month of eighth night the Milad khawni is held.


Auspicious anniversary day of Hazrat Bibi Fatima Mother of. Hazrat Bibi Fatima was the daughter of Nakhuda Hussain Ankolia. She was very Pious and Devotional. Sources reveal that her family title was Paro. She took great interest in the learning’s and teachings of was conferred with the title of “MAKHDUM” by the Grace of ALLAH and the prayers of his pious mother.


Auspicious day is connected with the anniversary of the Hazrat Shaikh Ahamed Ibn Ibrahim bin Ismail father of He was a great Scholar and Perfect Saint. He was one of the wealthy merchants of Kokan.Originally they belongs to Arabs, they were settled their, because of the suppression and ill-treatment of Hijaj Bin Yusuf ruler of that time, who killed most of the Pious and Devotees, which compelled them to leave the native place by boat (Ships) along with the side of coastal area came to Konkan and their after settled in Mahim. Hazrat Shaikh Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim bin Ismail departs on 25th Jamadil Akhar 785.