(Businessman & philanthropist)
Associate House,85-A Victoria Road,Mustafa Bazar,Mumbai-10.
Tel:23717777/79 Cell:9821012525.

Mr. Mohammad Farouk Suleman Darvesh Trustee since January 2007 a business man of international recognition. A philanthropist and an individual who is very humble, down to earth and ever helping. He has been working in the timber industry right from the age of 16 years. He was appointed as a Member -Managing Committee Indo- Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mumbai. He is the Managing Director of Farouk Sodagar Darvesh & Co. (P) Limited and Associate Groups of Companies. He is also the member of Bombay Timber Merchants Association Limited, and Managing Committee member of Timber Importers Association India Limited. He has been associated with various social and religious NGO’s in the capacity of President, Vice President, Trustee etc. like World Memon Organization-United Kingdom, All India Memon Jamat Federation, Anjuman -I-Islam-Mumbai and many more. Using these platforms he has served the society altruistically. As a chairman of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST he has played a key role in promoting the Educational Scholarships and Medical Aid to the deserving. He has introduced a system for scrutinizing and surveying each and every applicant, and based on these reports the scholarships and aids were granted as per the policies laid down by PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST. He was instrumental in implementing an efficient accounting and financial system of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST.


(Businessman & philanthropist & Social Worker )
Khandwani House,Dargah Street,Mahim,Mumbai-16.
Tel:24441964 / 24441965 Cell:9820088282.

Mr. Muhammad Suhail Khandwani, Managing Trustee of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST, since August 2001. A thorough professional, businessman and a techno savvy individual who relies more on managing the business affairs using Information Technology to achieve accurate and quick results. To his portfolio he holds prestigious position as a Trustee in various Religious, Educational and Charitable organization like Haji Ali Dargah Trust, apart from being Vice President with the Memon Chamber of Commerce and Council Member of Anjuman-I-Islam, he is also member of Maharashtra Chambers of Housing Industry, Managing Trustee of Al-Barkaat Malik Muhammad Islam English School & many more. His foresight, devotion and commitment to serve the society have crossed all boundaries. Soon after he took over the position of Managing Trustee at PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST, he implemented Management Information System (MIS) at the Dargah Trust office because of which all the accounts and other financial and Non financial transactions have been computerized and audited as per the ISO norms thus making PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST, the first Dargah in the world to be ISO certified. This has lead to 100% transparency and accountability of all the activities of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST. Under his leadership and motivation PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST operates as a fully functional corporate organization and has been successful in initiating and establishing following activities to serve the society.

  • • Madrasa-E-Makhdumia School (Pre-primary and Primary School)
  • • Scholarship ( Educational Aid)
  • • Medical Aid (High Cost)
  • • Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi Memorial Oriental Research Institute and Library
  • • Lanagar and Poverty Relief
  • • Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Medical Aid Centre (O P D) • Hazrat Bibi Fatima Computer Education and Training Institute
  • • Maintenance/ Up keeping of Dargah Street
  • • Makhdumiya Health and Fitness Center
  • • Makhdum Shah Baba Cardiac Ambulance Services.


(Doctor & Social Worker )
Lambe Group Of Companies,
Office No.1,Vrajilal Kababhai Bldg,30/32, Wanja Wadi,Mahim(W),Mumbai-400016.

Dr. Mudassir Nisar Lambe a practicing Doctor, as a profession he runs various Dispensaries and Diagnostic Centers. He is also an authorized dealer of Hindustan Petroleum and also doing business of Import and Export. As a social worker and a political leader he has contributed to the cause of upliftment of many slum societies’ viz. Mahim Fishermen Society, Mahim Social Workers Group, Azad Nagar Zopadpatti etc. He has contested in municipal elections for the post of Corporator from Mahim constituency. He has been offering voluntary services as convener of the medical wing of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST since 2008. His dedication to the medical wing of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST resulted in serving at least more than 100 patients daily. He was actively involved in the conduction of various medical camps under the banner of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST medical wing. Of late in the year 2012 he has been appointed as a Trustee of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST. After hailing to this new position he has grown more responsible and active, this has led to the establishment of health and fitness center and ICCU ambulance at PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST. His enthusiasm and motivation has elevated the moral of all the stake holder of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST.