One of the objectives of the trust is to promote advancement of Education, Medical Assistance, Economic Upliftment , Unity , Welfare and Well being of the society. And also to promote Religious , Social and Charitable Activities. Trust has undertaken the following Activities for the upliftment of underprivileged society to other sections of the society




    • (Pre-primary and Primary School) Madrasa-E-Makhdumia School 1911
    • Scholarship ( Educational Aid ) 2002
    • Medical Aid (High Cost) 2005
    • Memorial Oriental Research Institute and Library Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi 2006
    • Langar and Poverty Relief 2007
    • Aid Center outpatient department Hazrat Shaikh Ahmed Medical (OPD) 2008
    • Education and Training Institute Hazrat Bibi Fatima Computer 2009
    • Maintenance/ Up keeping of Dargah Street 2010
    • Makhdumiya Health and Fitness Center 2011
    • Makhdum Shah Baba Cardiac Ambulance Services 2012
  • Human Industrial Institute Center 2013