Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi Memorial Oriental Research Institute and Library.

Trust has a full fledged Library consisting of various books on different languages of rare topics such as Sufism, Islamic History and Culture. Trust works with an objective to do research and publish the books on also research on the books which were written by To propagate the preaching and views of , some Books were published by the trust and some are still under print process. The printed books are distributed free of cost among devotees and readers. To conduct Seminars on Sufism and to provide financial support to students who are willing to take admission in University for PHD on Life and Works of Hazrat Makdum Fakih Ali Mahimi (R.A.)

Aims and Objects “Hazrat Makhdum Fakih Ali Mahimi Oriental Research Center & Library” are as under:

  • 1) To build Library of Urdu, Arabic Persian, English and such other reference tools which will help research Scholars and people interested in the Subjects mentioned above in general and Specializes in Sections on,
  • Adallat-ut-Tawheed
    • a) Sufism, Bhakti, Islamic History and Culture.
    • b) History of Medieval India in general and Gujarat and Deccan in particular.
    • c) Library has general standard Literary books and Periodicals in Urdu & English to cater to the interest of general public.
  • 2) To bring out a six monthly research Journal on Islamic History.
  • 3) Sufism, Comparative Religions Language & Literatures, to Publish Journal in Urdu & English.
  • 4) To promote National and International Integration between various Communities and Religion through Comparative studies as Sufi’s were the cementing force among the different religions and communities, and Dargah’s abode of peace and communal harmony.
  • 5) To undertake research in Sufism lslamic studies, Oriental Literature and edit or re-edit or translate into Urdu, English, Hindi books of and his contemporary and other Muslim Sufis.
  • 6) To undertake research on various Muslim communities of Mumbai.

Department of Arabic, University of Mumbai conducted a seminar in honor of namely “First Memorial Lecture” on Social Change and its Manifestations on Saturday 27th April, 2013. The lecture was delivered by Prof. Sayed Iqbal Academician & Journalist, Prof. Abdus Sattar Dalvi an Eminent Urdu Scholar Presided over the function, where Mr. Muhammad Suhail Khadwani Managing trustee PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST was the Chief Guest of the function. These arrangements were made by Prof. Dr. Saheb Ali. The crux of the discussion was based on the good affect of education on the society. Further on behalf of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST Mr. Muhammad Suhail Khandwani expressed his gratitude to the university and has extended his full support for the cause establishment of “Makhdum Ali Mahimi Chair” in Mumbai University.

A meeting was held on Tuesday, 7th May 2013 at the Makhdum shah charitable trust library & research center, Mahim, Mumbai at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the establishment of “Makhdum Ali Mahimi Chair” at Mumbai University. Various other issues were also discussed regarding the work of and how the same can be made available to the masses. To execute this task a committee was formed under the leadership of Mr. Muhammad Suhail Khandwani, Convener Mr. Noor Parkar and Members Dr. Saheb Ali, Prof. Abdus Sattar Dalvi, Prof. Iqbal Sayed, Prof. Shoaib Khan, Prof. Sabir Sayed, Mr. Imran Karnekar & Mr. Muhammad Javed Shaikh.