Hazrat Makhdum Fakih Ali Mahimi (R.A.)

Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi ( 1372 to 1431 A.D ) was a great saint and scholar of international repute. He lived during the time of the Tuglaq dynasty and that of Sultan Ahmed Shah of Gujarat, and was married to Sultan sister.

Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi is rightly called “Qutb-E-Kokan” as he lived in Mahim, a well known town on the Western Coast of Konkan. He was a Scholar & Sufi of Par Excellence. As a Sufi and Scholar he was contemporary of Shaikh Mohiuddin Arabi of Spain, and his disciple Abdul Kareem Aljili author of ” Insan-E-Kamil”.

Incidences of his life and miracles attributed to him are many. He is honored by taking lessons from Hazrat Khawaja Khizar Hayat-un-Nabi (Alais-salaam), who also taught to Hazrat Moosa Alaihis-salaam. Hazrat Khawaja Khizar Hayat-un-Nabi (Alais-salaam), Chilla is registered under the Wakf board bearing no. MSBW 37/2007 Dated:16/4/2007

Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi was the first commentator of the Holy Quran in India. His commentary is known throughout the World and is called “Tafsirur Rahman.” It is Unique among all the commentary of QURAN known to Scholars. In one of his books he discusses Philosophy of Time and Space.

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During 13th & 14th Century Mahim,a part of great metropolis Mumbai,was ruled by sultans of gujrat Ahmed Shah who was the most prominent ruler of gujrat

Extract from the Gazetteer

Extract from the gazeteer of bombay city and island,Bombay city gazeteer,places and objects of interest volume III FEBRUARY 1910. REFERENCE 915.4 GAZ/BOM 160632

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An important event which is held once a year,the display of the highly treasured Quran Shairef calligraphed by Hazarat Makhdum Ali Mahimi(R.A.).



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