About Us

Welfare Activities

Langar -This unit of trust provides daily food to needy people and Niyaz for all Zahereens.
Poverty Relief -This trust scheme supports poor deserving families by supplying monthly ration (like Rice, Wheat Flour, Oil, Pulses, Sugar and Tea).
Iftar and Saheri Arrangement -Under this scheme the Trust arrange Iftar and Saheri during the Holy Month of Ramzan Sharief. For efficient execution of these scheme the Trust has formed Langar Committee, which monitor the activity.

ADHOC-COMMITTEE (LANGAR) 2013-14 Langar : Undertakes the activities of providing food, daily to the poor people and Niyaz to the Zahereens. In addition to this the committee also looks into the efficient execution of poverty relief scheme which supports poor deserving families of the society by providing monthly ration (like rice, wheat flower, oil, peas, sugar and tea.) and arrangement of Iftar and Sehri during the month of Holy Ramzan.


Security is the top most priority for the incoming Devotees and Zaireens. As a preventive measure Dargah Trust has installed CCTV network with IR & night vision cameras to monitor and control the entire Dargah and its surrounding centrally. Apart from this the Trust has appointed Gents & Ladies Security Guards to work in three shifts round the clock. These Guards are camped with Hand Metal Detector and Walky Talkies.

ADHOC-COMMITTEE (SECURITY) 2013-14 Adhoc-committee are responsible for looking into the activities related to Security of Darga Sherief premises.

Upkeep & Maintenance

It is said that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". The Dargah Trust has employed a team of workers who work in two shifts and are entrusted upon the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining cleanliness of the Dargah and the premises in and around it.