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From the Desk of Trustees

During 13th & 14th centuries Mahim, a part of great metropolis Mumbai, was ruled by Sultans of Gujarat Ahmed Shah who was the most Prominent ruler of Gujarat, Also Thane was ruled by him. Hazrat Makhdum Fakih Ali Mahimi(R.A.) a great Sufi and Scholar lived (1372-1431A.D) (776AH-835AH) during Ahmed Shah's regime and was known all over the world for his various scholarly and sufi doctrines. He was a great follower of great Sufi Scholar Mohiuddin Ibne-e-Arabi of Spain. Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi's Commentary on Holy Quran "Tafsir-e-Rehamani" is of great significance for various reasons. Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi's shrine is a place visited by all without the distinction of religion, cast or creed. He belonged to "Nawait" family and was called "Qutb-e-Kokan" (Honored).

The trust called "PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST" has manifold activities, and works for the benefit of education and health of the people of Mahim in particular and Mumbai in general. The oldest institution is "Madrasa-e-Makhdumia" School (Pre Primary and Primary School) with Urdu medium, was established in 1911. The trust also caters to the poor and needy candidates in term of educational Aid and other reliefs. The Scholarship (Educational Aid) was started by trust in the year 2002, many deserving students have benefitted by such scheme.

In 2006 the trust launched a highly commendable scheme and established "Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi Memorial Oriental Research Institute and Library". The objective of the Institute is to under take research on life and works of Hazrat Makhdum Fakih Ali Mahimi(R.A.) and other contemporary Saints and Sufis. It also aims at research activities of books on Sufism. The Institute has developed Library on Islamic history, Quran and Hadith and other important aspects for research. So far the trust has published two books namely

  • Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi Hayat-Aasar-Afkar

  • Teen Tehkiki Mukalmaat on Hazrat Mahimi and the third namely Ajallatu-d-Ta'id is ready for publication.

In the Year 2013 under the banner of Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi Memorial Oriental research center and library. PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST has decided to establish "Makhdum Ali Mahimi Chair" at Mumbai Unversity.

The trust has also started Langar and Poverty Relief Fund for poor and down trodden people of the society and thus cares for one and all. The health care is a primary need for healthy society. Good health is complementary to healthy mind. Keeping this in view, a Medical Centre has been established. The medical aid centre is named after Hazrat Makhdum Ali Mahimi’s father and is called "Hazrat Shaikh Ahmed Medical Aid Centre". The trust also runs Makdumiya Health & Fitness Center which is fully Hi-Tech. Cardiac Equipments for Health and Fitness facilities are being provided to the society through professional trainers. Uncertainty and calamity is now becoming an unseparable part of our life. To substantiate this cause PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST has launched an Hi-Tech cardiac ambulance "Makhdum Shah Baba Cardiac Ambulance" available 24 hrs with full time doctor on attendance to one and all at cost.

Hazrat Shaikh Ahmed Medical Aid center started in the year 2008, to provide Poor & Needy people medical expenses of major surgeries. Educational and Medical Aid is also a very important unit of the PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST. This unit specializes in distributing educational and medical financial aid to the needy belonging to all sections of the society. Each application is very minutely scrutinize and then cleared for disposal of funds with a view to ensure only genuine applicants get the aid.

Hazrat Bibi Fatima Computer Education & Training Institute established in the year 2009, for imparting Professional and career oriented training to one and all. The education of our youth has advanced since the invention of Computers and Computer science. In these modern times education without the Knowledge of computer is half baked knowledge. Knowledge of computer is now a necessity in offices as well as in education from Primary to University level. The Institute is rightly named after the name of Hazrat Mahimi's pious and devotional mother HAZRAT BIBI FATIMA(R.A.).

Educating and Empowering the Ladies is one of the objectives of PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST. To fulfill this commitment PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST has started an exclusively ladies vocational training centre for imparting career oriented education to the ladies, in the name of "Human Industrial Institute".

We hope that with our sincere efforts in the field of education, health, research & computer science 'THE PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST' will be able to evolve a better society and build bridges between different communities, as the message of Sufism has always been educating and uniting mankind.

Sad & sudden demised of our chairman Janab Abdus-Samad Khatib Saheb cannot be forgotten. He devoted most of his time for the development of our community. In different direction his views and aims proved fruitful and will be carried out in future too.

We hope we will have all co-operations from one and all to achieve the goal of the Trust.

Mohammad Farouk Suleman Darvesh Muhammad Suhail Khandwani Dr. Mudassir Lambe
(Chairman) (Managing Trustee) (Trustee)