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Digitization of Documents

Document Management

The document management software is made for storage of all important documents this storage will make the office paper less and will help the management to improve the efficiency of the staff and also will facilitate the retrieval of the required documents on time and at a greater speed.

These documents are stored on the central server of the trust and all authorized person will be in a position of access the document on the basis of password security. Each staff and top level management will be allotted passwords based on there levels. Access to the data is restricted depending on the security level.

This will help the management to secure there important documents and get search result speedily has been implemented and accurately without any errors.

This important data will be stored & secured as regular backup system so as to ensure no data loss of the system any point of time.

This is a central server based software which will help users to convert their existing, paper, data into digital format to be accessed on a intranet.

The features included in this software are listed below
  • Users will be able to add their digital data, after scanning and converting via OCR software, into the system. This data will then be accessed by multiple computers on Intranet.

  • Various authorization levels can be given to documents, so that only a authorized person can view such secured documents depending on their security excess level.

  • Documents can be searched based upon various keywords, which can be added while uploading the digital document. This keyword based search facilitates efficient searching of documents.

  • Documents can be added in various languages and can be searched based on those languages also.

  • The Super user Administrator will be able to create various login account and will define authorization levels for logins. This will help to secure the data by restricting access to authorized personnel only.