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Amongst the many one of the live miracles of the holy saint Pir Makhdum Saheb was that in the year 2006 on A rare phenomenon occurred where in the sea water surrounding the chilla of Hazrat Khawaja Khizar Hayat-un-Nabi (Alais-salaam) in the Arabian sea adjacent to Mahim dargah (A place where Pir Makhdum saheb was enlightened by Hazrat Khawaja Khizar Hayat-un-Nabi (Alais-salaam)) turned sweet. The water remained sweet for about more than three days. Thousands of people flocked to this place not only from Mumbai but also from various states of India like Jaipur, Gujrat, UP & Calcutta. Several people who drank this water from the Arabian Sea said it had been changed by a miracle and could now cure illnesses.

Many even carried it with them for future use. Authorities in Mumbai collected samples of this water for testing but did not find any pollution in the water what so ever. The same phenomenon was repeated in the year 2008 also. We see it as a blessing from Makhdum Ali Mahimi, a 13th Century Sufi saint.

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