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Hazarat Makhdum Ali Mahimi(R.A.) is highly revered by Scholars as well as masses. Thousands of people of different caste and creed visit the Holy Shrine daily and more particularly during annual fair. The mausoleum was built about 600 years ago. However for the first time in 1900 AD during the British rule the Trust was established. Before the establishment of the Trust however prior to 1863 the Dargah was managed by Navrange family a Kokani Muslim family from Mahim. In 1900 AD when the Trust was established it was named as "PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST".

The first three Trustees appointed were :

  • • Nawabzada Nasrulla Khan
  • • Sardar Sayed Ali Khan
  • • Muhammad Husain Maqba.
In 1947 after independence the "PIR MAKHDUM SAHEB CHARITABLE TRUST" was second time re-registered with the prime objectives to impart free education. Another important objective was to establish library and reproduce books for the same. The Trust was registered on April 17, 1952 (Bearing Registration No. B-168).
Three Trustees appointed were :
  • • Maulavi Muhammad Yunus
  • • Dr. Sayed Abdul Qa AIEdroos
  • • Mr. Haji Mahmood Bawla.
Before registering the Trust in the Wakf board the following Two Trustees were on Board.
  • Late Advocate Abdus Samad Khatib
  • Mr. Muhammad Suhail Khandwani
Trust was registered under Maharashtra State Board of Wakfs on 09-01-2007 Bearing Registration No. MSBW 31 / 2007.
  • Mr. Muhammad Suhail Khandwani - August 2001
  • Mr. Mohammad Farouk Suleman Darvesh - January 2007
  • Dr. Mudassir Nisar Lambe - March 2012